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It all starts with a…

Pressing Question

A question well-scoped is half-answered.

Stronger questions mean stronger solutions, which is why we at Community Data Platforms take just as much care to identify the crux of the problem as we do to deliver the insights to solve it. Today’s communities have hundreds of pressing needs, and many of them can be addressed with a handful of carefully articulated questions. Download our Guide to Pressing Questions here.


then we do…

What We Do Best

Aggregate reliable data. We mine hyper-local and national data to build a unique community data infrastructure, and then we apply sophisticated techniques to approach the problem with advanced data analysis.

Identify actionable insights. By translating numerical values into community values, we help leaders guide their communities toward consensus.

Create compelling visualizations. Data always tells a story. Our job is to make that story interesting, engaging, and relatable so that everyone who sees it understands what’s at play and what’s at stake.


so you can do…

What You Do Best

We’re committed to helping communities become smarter and stronger through our process.

Not everyone speaks data as a first language (or even a second). Our subscription-based service gives leaders the support they need, when they need it, so they can do they can focus on the work in front of them.

your Data. Our Process. profound Insights.

Nantucket Data Platform

Making It Count: A Study of Nantucket’s Changing Population

When data is correctly interpreted, everyone can make smarter decisions. Communities get stronger. Businesses improve. Nonprofits reach more people. It’s not just better information. It’s better everything.
Alan Worden, Founder of Community Data Platforms

We’re helping communities, businesses, and nonprofits around the country make smarter decisions.
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