It starts with a pressing question.

What is the true cost of living? How many people really live here? Do we have enough fire trucks? Who are our at-risk youth? Which intersections slow us down? Why are ER wait times so long? Who needs affordable housing?

community data platforms

We’re helping communities get answers.


Community Data Platforms believes our communities get smarter and stronger when decisions are based on clear, compelling, and confident data.

Through sophisticated research and innovative methodologies, our teams of experts help governments, businesses, and nonprofits solve persistent problems, improve strategic planning, and ensure better outcomes for their communities.

Having a reliable data infrastructure is as essential to a community as its schools, hospitals, police departments, and fire trucks. Data by itself can’t teach, heal, protect, and preserve, but finding and understanding it can increase the impact of those that do.

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Because your critical functions shouldn’t be based on guesswork.

 Featured Community project

Nantucket Data Platform

The island of Nantucket bustles with tourists, commuters, seasonal residents, and permanent homeowners. How many, for how long, and from where was anyone’s guess. Until now.

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Built for today’s leaders

We provide insights, so communities can take action.

Leaders don’t need a background in data science. They need a team of data scientists in the background.

Community Data Platforms understands that communities are unique, but their challenges are not. From uncovering the needs of at-risk youth to smoothing out morning traffic, our international team of experts has reliable, repeatable methodologies that consistently deliver results—so you can deliver on promises.

We have the team and the tools

Community Data Platform is an energetic collaboration of international data scientists, demographers, data visualizers, and writers who are dedicated to giving local leaders the information they need to make sound decisions and move their communities forward.


How it works

Community Data Platforms is a subscription-based service customized for each community. Agile, affordable, and renewable, our services give leaders what they need, when they need it, so they can focus on the work in front of them.

CDP delivers actionable insights and compelling visualizations via its team of international data scientists, demographers, geographers, and data visualizers. Leaders can then take this evidence-based analysis and do what they do well – write smart policies and execute on them.
Brad Edmondson, Former Editor-in-Chief of American Demographics


Smarter communities are built on stronger data methodologies.


As a data-driven serial entrepreneur, Alan Worden saw a growing gap between the promises of “open data” and the ability of communities, businesses, and nonprofits to translate it into necessary solutions. He launched Community Data Platforms in 2017 to address this need, and its Nantucket Data Platform prototype proved to be an overwhelming success.

It’s less about data, and more about answers,” says Worden, who aims to bring the success of the Nantucket experience to communities across the country. “All the data in the world won’t tell you a thing unless you know how to apply it to your question. We do. And because we do, leaders can play to their strengths and finally get things done.”

It all starts with a question. We make it possible for leaders to stop hunting down data and start finding real solutions. We help guide and inform their impact, and that’s a powerful thing.
Alan Worden, Founder


Better insights. Better decisions. Better outcomes.

Stronger, smarter communities are built on solid data infrastructures and powered by leaders making evidence-based decisions. At Community Data Platforms, we don’t have all the answers—but we know exactly where to find them.